Please join us welcome minimalist giant Jon Gibson presenting a live performance of his haunting masterpiece 'Visitations', a work originally released on Philip Glass's imprint Chatham Square in 1973, reissued this year on Superior Viaduct, and performed in May at Moogfest 2017 in Durham, North Carolina.

JON GIBSON (b.1940) is an American minimalist composer and musician based in New York City. As a founding member, Gibson has been performing in the Philip Glass Ensemble for the past 45 years. Along with his work with Glass, Gibson has performed on many of the early Arthur Russell records, the premier of In C by Terry Riley, Drumming by Steve Reich, as well as Reich’s 1967 composition Reed Phase, which Reich wrote especially for him. Other collaborators include Lucinda Childs, Ravi Shankar, Harold Budd, La Monte Young, and Walter de Maria.

The Jon Gibson Group will feature Jon Gibson, John Also Bennett and George Bennett of NYC-based kosmische group Forma, and composer Britton Powell. In typical Ambient Church fashion, the space will be transformed through lighting, projections, and incense.

Live performances by:

The Jon Gibson Ensemble
  on 'VISITATIONS': Originally recorded for Philip Glass's private press label Chatham Square and tracked after hours at John Lennon's home studio, 'Visitations' is a minimalist masterpiece. Gibson’s first release under his own name, Visitations is a departure from the structured repetition of his minimalist peers which takes the listener on an aural journey – spanning organic field recordings, flutes, percussion, synthesizers, and free-flowing textures. With his new ensemble, Gibson re-imagines the piece with modular synthesizers and a digital projection of 16 mm film entitled "One Way" depicting the California desert. In the film, which Gibson shot in the early 1970's, the seemingly never ending desert landscape of America cascades across the screen, perfectly reflects the expanse of Visitations and takes the audience inside a ritualistic road trip unlike any other.
Interview in BOMB magazine
1970 interview with Jon Gibson and Steve Reich


M. Geddes Gengras
M. GEDDES GENGRAS (b. 1982) has defined his practice with the art of synthesis. Starting with a string of short-run cassettes detailing the interior curvature of his well-worn vintage budget level Moogs & moving into the more diverse sonics of modular synthesis explored on recent releases like ISHI (Leaving Records/Stones Throw), the focus has remained, sculpting new sounds from raw voltage & creating engrossing sonic environments. In addition to two prolific solo careers (counting his dance-music alter-ego Personable), Gengras is an avid collaborator and has recorded and performed with The Congos, Akron/Family, Sun Araw & members of the Grateful Dead & Cold Sun. He is also the co-founder (with Sun Araw's C. Stallones) of Duppy Gun Productions, which pairs contemporary left-field producers with Jamaican vocalists to create new vision dancehall-influenced tracks.
 CAROLINE POLACHEK (aka CEP) is an interdisciplinary artist working out of Brooklyn, NY. A sonic chameleon known for her idiosyncratic singing and iridescent productions as Chairlift and Ramona Lisa, Polachek released her first instrumental album made only with sine waves in January 2017, which she describes as "utilitarian"

Interview in The Creative Independent
about her album 'Drawing the Target Around The Arrow'

'Drawing The Target Around The Arrow'



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